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Job Searching in a Pandemic


Seeking employment during a global pandemic will inevitably lead to an indescribable amount of frustration. Miscalculation of staffing needs by companies have led to many losing their jobs (von Scheel, 2020). It is said that pandemic-caused consequences will have a lingering effect even after the pandemic reaches its end (von Scheel, 2020). For instance, the Canadian economy is experiencing an incomplete rebound which yields an increased pressure on the labour market as there is an increased number of individuals that are ready to work (von Scheel, 2020). The pandemic has caused the job market to become more competitive such that there is a decline in job postings on Indeed, yet a single job advertisement experienced a significant increase in the number of applications (Bir 2021, von Scheel, 2020). With isolation comes the rise of remote positions – industries also had to adapt in the changing environment in which they opted for remote work (Dennison, 2021).


Just like the industries, there is a need for resilience and adaptability in individuals searching for a job. Here are some tips that may help with job search:


💭 Engage in self-reflection (Dennison, 2021)

The pandemic arrived without warning, and it may be tempting to act impulsively, but it’s crucial to strategize on next steps. This includes assessing what works and what doesn’t work for you which may help with guidance when determining what you like to do and what you’re good at. Additionally, reflecting on your core values and beliefs may also aid in figuring out your next steps with your job search.


🙆🏻‍♀️ Be open-minded and highlight transferable skills

As previously mentioned, the pandemic has affected the industries themselves which prompted several changes. Consider researching the effects of the pandemic towards your industry of interest: How did it change open positions? How did it change their work-life-balance? What kind of changes did they make towards their working conditions? (Bir 2021). Answering these questions may yield results that can aid you with your job search. They may provide hints on how to approach certain job positions.

Although job searching during a pandemic may be challenging, adopting the mindset of seeing these challenges as opportunities may be an advantage. For instance, there is increased opportunities to positions that may not have been available previously due to location or education constraints (Liu 2021). Remote positions allow companies to hire individuals with non-traditional backgrounds which increases chances of employment (Liu 2021).

It is important to put a spotlight towards transferable skills. These skills are obtained through various ways such as volunteer work, previous jobs, and extracurricular activities. Examples of transferable skills include interpersonal, critical thinking, organizational, and communication skills (Bir 2021). Once your skills are highlighted, they can now be placed on resumes.


📄 Create tailored resumes

It is recommended to curate and tailor different resumes towards various industries or roles. Tailoring a resume includes adding keywords from the job posting in the resume. To create a strong resume, try Resumanage!


🌐 Expand your network

The hidden job market is a term that has earned its commonality. In fact, many found their positions through this market (Dennison 2021). To enter the hidden job market, networking is crucial (Bir 2021). How do you make new connections? First, list the companies that you’re interested in working for. Then, find individuals who work there using LinkedIn. The goal of networking is to build a lasting relationship with them and determine if their place of work is what you expect it to be (Liu 2021). Remember to be respectful and show that you value your newly formed connections (Dennison 2021).


💼 Who’s Hiring?

Hiring companies can be found through the #NowHiring hashtag on LinkedIn, as well as job posting websites like Indeed, Monster, and more. In addition, JobBank has a list of open positions during the pandemic.


Good luck and remember to be patient with yourself! 😊



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